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Agro Services


KVK Reasi providing various agricultural services to the farmers.

Scientists of different fields are sharing their knowledge with the farmers to increase the farm yield and income.

KVK Reasi is providing the trainings like scientific fruit production, scientific vegetable production, IPM in cereals, INM in cereals and vegetables, importance of aromatic and medicinal plants, farmation and management of  SHG's, dietary patterns for the women and children, milk processing, vegetable and fruit processing, scientific rearing of the animals, control of infecious and contagious diseases of the animals etc to the farmers for skill development among them and also providing training to the extension personnel of the state agricultural department to abreast them about the present scientific agricultural crops cultivations. KVk is also laying FLD's at farmer fields in both the Districts (Udhampur and Reasi). Through FLD's scientific cultivation of different crops like wheat, maize, paddy, pulses, oil seeds, floriculture, vegetables, mashroom/ dhingri cultivations, sericulture etc is being done at farmer field to increase the production of the crops from the limited areas. KVk also conducts On Farm Trials at farmer fields for the assessment and refinement of the technologies. KVK scientists regularly diagnose  the farmer's field problems and alwaws give the recomendation for the solution of the fproblems.


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