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KVK Reasi has the following facilities for the farmers, farm women and state extension personnel.

1. KVK Reasi has 1 training hall for the trainees.
2. KVK Reasi has 1 farmer hostel for the trainees.
3. KVK Reasi has 250 Kanal of farm land for the demonstartion and seed production purpose.
4. KVK Reasi provides agricultural inputs to the farmers through frontline demonstrations and on farm trials.
5. KVK Reasi provides incentives to the farmers through training programmes.
6. KVK Reasi provides free diagnostics visit at farmers field.
7. KVK Reasi has residential facilities for the scientific staff.
8. KVK Reasi has one IT Lab for trianing to Farmers
9. KVK Reasi provides soil testing facilities to the farmers.
10. KVK Reasi has 1 automatic price dissemination board for showing the day to day rates of different agricultural commodities.
11. KVK Reasi has 1 seed drill, 1 digger, 1 leveler etc for demonstration and to cultivate the KVK farm land.
12. KVK Reasi has Hyrdoponic unit for demonstration
13. KVK Reasi has Poultry Demo unit
13. KVK Reasi has Azolla Demo unit for Azolla Production
13. KVK Reasi has one District Agrometerology Unit(DAMU)

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